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Sunday, March 25, 2012

[LATE POST][PHOTOS] Korean Music Festival 9 April 29, 2011

I was so happy that U-Kiss came to this was right after the time that they changed members so I didn't think that they would travel
I'm Kevin bias ^_^ He was EXTREMELY nice...he's the nicest one of all the idols I've met
On the day before the concert, I came to the hotel. But then U-Kiss was about to leave for dinner. Kevin just came back from hanging out with his cousin and got dragged by the manager right to the funny that his face was a bit confused since he just said "Hi" to fans n then "bye" right away kekeke On that day, other members returned first but there was like no sight of Kevin until 3am
On the night after the concert, after returned from the concert, Kevin came back out. He said sorry for not giving sign on that day but he was giving hug...he's so sweet!!!! I got hugged twice, one when he left and one when he returned *blush*

I came to the airport to send them off. I asked Kevin for autograph first. He asked me spell my name. Then, I asked if it possible to take picture with him and he answered "of course" OMGGGG my first picture with an can Kevin be so nice and adorable =))
Kevin is like my ULTIMATELY ADORABLE BAY ^_^ kekeke

Then, I walked to Eli which stood in front of the line waiting to go into security. I asked him for a sign also. His manager said no and placed the passport on my album to prevent Eli signing....BUT Eli insisted on signing for me ^^ So on the same page of the album I got both of my bias and favorite ones' was like the happiest day of my life. Because Eli had to walk into security first so I had no chance to ask him for a photo
So in opinion, Eli is the 2nd nicest member of U-Kiss....I saw that other U-Kiss members nice with fans too but I only get experience with Kevin and Eli because they are my two favorites

Side not: When I was following U-Kiss at the airport, I turned around and literally bumped right into Jay Park...but I didn't even recognize him at that point. Not until after U-Kiss left already then I remembered about Jay...ahhh so sorry...I was too busy paying attention to Kevin so that's why ^^

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