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Sunday, March 25, 2012

[LATE POST][FAN ACCOUNT] Meeting Lee Joon Gi as A Newbie

If anyone read this accound, please don't laugh cause everything is a huge surprise to me too ;)
Honestly, I didn't know who is JoonGi before. I'm into kpop/k-drama but I'm still a newbie. So one day my friend saw the news on allkpop about Park Hyo Shin's LA. She decided to go because she is a big fan of PHS. I told her that I just went with her for fun cause I just loved listening to live music.
So I went to the performance at Grace Church in Fullerton on Fri night Sep 23, 2011....and yeah the concert have changed me completely. Although I saw many pics of JoonGi on the internet, I don't like those pics at all. I think he is much more handsome in person. His smile is so bright and friendly
Then, I knew that there would be one more performance on Sun night in San Diego. I had planned to attend this one too because I knew that it's not easy to have a chance to see JoonGi in person. I went to San Diego on that day, but sadly because of family business, I couldn't make it to the concert :((
It's so lucky for me to get to know the fanbase JGfamily for awesome updates. Also, thanks Dee for her tip about flight.
On Tuesday Sep 27, there is high probability that JoonGi for leaving on this day going back to Korea. Because there were two possible flights, I didn't know for sure if JoonGi left already for the night-flight. I still decided to go to LAX airport before the 1:00pm flight because no matter what this could be my last chance seeing him. Right after I got out of class, I dragged my friend to go with me. We thought that by the time we got there it might be late already. We got there at around 11:15am. As I walked from the parking in, I saw other guys from the army standing around the airport. My instinct told me that JoonGi was still somewhere around. We walked to the Duty Free shop, and my friend pulled my hand said, "Your oppa" We spotted JoonGi :-) But he was checking out merchandise and talking to other guys so we didn't come up yet. We looked around for HyoShin first. When we found him, my friend asked him for picture, but he said that he could not because he was wearing army uniform. He said sorry to us. Then, he agreed to give autograph.
Back to JoonGi!! Now he was at the cashier counter by himself. My friend approached and asked, "excuse me, are you Lee Joon Gi?"
He said, "yes :)"
Friend: "may we please take a picture?"
JG: "I'm sorry I can't. (points at his uniform) because I'm wearing this uniform...I can't...I'm so sorry"
Friend: "Then, can we have a signature?"
JG: "Yes, sure!!" (he smiles again)
This time, I came up and give him my notebook. I was so shy so my friend had to ask him first for me O_O Thank you my friend so much.
While he was signing, he asked, "what's your name?" I spelled my name out for him.
Then, while continuing to write "Be Happy" after his signature for me, he asked, "Where are you from?"
OMG...seriously I was "brain-frozen" when I heard him asking me. All i answer, "I'm from here"
JG: "Ah here" *smiles again*
LOL now I think of my answer it's such a non-sense answer
After he finished his sign, we told him "Please have a safe flight!"
He shook hands with both of us, said thank you, smiled, and walked away.
We still hanged out in the shop cause we want to check out the stuff there too. Then, we saw him again. My friend came up asked, "Excuse me"
JG: "Yes" (he was trying on sunglasses...OMG the one he was trying on really looked good on him. At the end, he bought that sunglasses :D)
Friend: "Can you sign for me too?"
JG: "Or course!! What's your name?"
At this time, I garnered enough confidence and asked him, "How's your trip to US?"
JG: "Ah...I love it"
Me: "Then, please come back again yah?"
JG: "Yes...(paused for like 5 secs)...I wish"
In my head, I was like "JoonGi ahhhhh" ^_^ Seriously, when he said yes, I thought that there would be possibility. The second part of his sentence made me froze cause i was shocked xD JoonGi ah, you made me so happy there for just a bit, but that's ok ;)
His English was pretty good while talking with me ^^
Before he left, he smiled and waved goodbye to us. I nodded to him and said "thank you"
It's the best moment of my life :)) JoonGi now is absolutely in my superior idol list ;) because i can't resist his cuteness ^_^

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