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Sunday, July 15, 2012

[PHOTOS] Korea Day 27 - FT Island ICN Back from HongKong Jul 15, 2012

Welcome home my Minari baby!!! I swear Minari never smile :(( And he likes hate me or sth since he never looks at my direction :(( Securities here are REALLY on their job.

One thing I notice that FTI manager doesn't care abt all members or sth...there always one member left behind n burried b/w fans while fans didn't even recognize it ^^ in LA, it was JaeJing...this time it's SeungHyun :)) When all got in the car, the manager was like "why 4?!" N SeungHyun raised his hand "I'm still here" LOL :))

More photos here (sorry my pics are not very good)

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