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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

[PHOTOS] SM Town 2012 at Honda Center May 20, 2012

First of all, the security was really tight...oh well, ppl were still trying to take pictures. But the security warned me once so I was afraid that he would take my pics away. So most of the time I just took quick shots. At the end about 150pics of mine are blurry or out of focus :(( 
For Shinee fans, so sorry that my pics are really heavily MinHo biased ^_^ 
For EXO fans, I really just had enough time to take pics of the center of the I didn't really know who I got...I PROMISE to learn all their names by next time they here :)) 
For SuJu, my camera just simply hate my bias with YeSung or sth that his pics are mostly blurry :"( 
The saddest part is TVXQ!!! Since they didn't use extended stage at all so it was too far for quick shots. Plus they were like moving non-stop *hic hic* 
Whenever girl groups performed the security guys were loosen up, but then when boy groups' turn, he was always behind me LMAO 

Rehearsal Pictures: More here (31pics)

Concert Pics: More Here (220pics)

It was really hard to take these please be respectful and taken out with FULL CREDIT
Enjoy everyone!!!!
Fancams are coming soon ^_^


  1. I love the pictures even though they were all blurry, but it really doesn't matter... because I love SMTown my favorite... thank u so much for the pictures... love kpop !!!!!!!