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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

[PHOTOS + FAN ACCOUNT] Korean Music Festival 10 April 28, 2012

- MBLAQ arrived LA on Thu, Apr 26. Only 4 members arrived as Joon was still in Korea for his filming schedule. The members walked out and did a small interview with the organizer. Then, they were escorted to the car. Only SeungHo didn't wear couldn't see their faces well
 - Arrived at the hotel, after about 1hr, G.O walked down and was asked by fans for autographs. He actually sat down at a table and gave out autographs as in fan!! 20mins later SeungHo came down and the two left for sight-seeing...Based on G.O's tweet, it seemed that they went to Beverly Hills, Hollywood.
 - On Fri morning, SeungHo and Thunder came down for breakfast. They stopped to give out signs...Thunder was overwhelmed with fans. SeungHo couldn't wait for him so he came over and grabbed Thunder's arm, urging him to leave. I didn't catch when G.O and Mir came down, but then the four of them went sight-seeing together. Joon arrived at around the same time as the other members did the day before. At around 3:30pm, they all went to rehearsal. After rehearsal, G.O and Mir ate dinner at the hotel restaurant and went up to their room. Leader, Thunder, and Joon went to eat outside. That night I waited for the 3 members to come back until tired and sleepy!! When I was about to go up to my room and sleep, I saw Kevin manager went down the escalator and went up again. I immediately knew that someone would be coming back. Just like 15mins more, I saw Joon went down the escalator with Kevin and his coordi. I immediately grabbed my gift and came up to Joon. I was the only one came up to him and Kevin manager didn't say anything. Made eye contact with him since he was on the escalator n waited until he walked out...gave it to Joon say "Joon, for u" He said "thank you." He smiled n paused for a sec like is that all n I didn't ask anything from him....I smiled back n said "good night Joon!" *smack head* myself I only remember the gift but forgot to grab the album....too blank to ask for pic didnt grab my camera either...AHHHHH My 45 secs just Joon and me....*dead* =))) Didn't know when Leader n Thunder came back...cuz the hotel had two entrances so it really hard to catch everything.
 - On Sat morning, SeungHo n G.O went out again and came back a bit after lunch time. Then, all of them left for the concert. Joon came down second to last...and he was running really cute!! G.O was last but he didn't seem to be afraid that he was late...he still looked calm and shining...kekeke
 - At the concert, MBLAQ was second to last artist. Last artist was G.O.D. They sang Oh Yeah remix so no Joon's abs :(, Y, Mona Lisa, and lastly This is War...I was expected to see Run but oh well they didn't sing it..they're ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!! After the concert, they all went back to hotel. Joon then came out for dinner, and then 1hrs later Thunder left for dinner...I didn't see the other three leaving. Joon came back at around 2am. I waited til 7am, but didn't see Thunder came back...prob I missed him
 - On Sun morning, G.O and Thunder came down for breakfast...both were wearing mask. Then, I saw dancers came down with luggage, so I thought they would be leaving and rush to the airport. But only Brown Eyed Girls left. Came back to the hotel, just hang around in the lobby. Around 4pm, Leader, G.O and Mir left by themselves and started to walk towards downtown. They walked right pass me so I nodded to them, but I was expected Joon or Thunder was with them too so I could give them my gifts. About 30mins after, Joon came down and tried to sneak out but fans still spotted him :)) I came right next to him and gave him my 2nd gift to him. He looked at me, smiled, and said thank you I was so close that I almost fainted ^_^ Around 6pm, G.O n Mir came back and then Leader n Joon came back. I guessed Thunder didn't know how to be hungry cuz I barely saw him leaving for food. At 6:30pm, SeungHo n Joon left the hotel and got onto a car. I didn't know where they were going, but I thought they went to airport so I left to the airport early as well. Waited for them for 2hrs 30mins, at around 9:45pm, MBLAQ arrived at the airport. Ran to the side of Thunder to give him my gift as I barely saw him at the hotel. First time, I only called his name n said here the gift but he seemed to do not hear it. So I sneak around Mir and be right in front of Thunder and gave the gift out. He grabbed it and nodded thank you. LOL then they all went to the restroom while the manager got in line for check-in...lmao this is the first time I saw idols trying to avoid being swarmed by fans and stay in the restroom :)) *so funny* Finally, they went to check-in. Compared to other artists I sent off at the airport, MBLAQ took the longest time. Thus, I kept taking so many pics of them ^_^ After that, they walked toward the gate. I was right next to Thunder again and said "Cheodung, annyeong" Somehow he recognized me n smiled back. He wore mask but I could see his eyes smile too ;) Then, I remembered about Joon and slowed down a bit to walk along many fans surrounded I could only say "Bye Joon" Generally to all the fans, he smiled and waved back. When they about to walk inside, I ended in front of Thunder didn't know how I did that...I screamed "Thunder, bye bye" He waved bye back *eeep* =)) Many fans screamed bye to Joon so he generally smiled and waved back to everyone too.
 - Also, there was a girl who went to the airport with her mother. Her mother kept trying to push her next to Joon to force a picture...omggg so rude!! Another girl just pulled her cellphone in front of Joon's face and he was shocked little bit...WTF people are just so rude!!! Joon is too nice that sometimes ppl tried to take advantages O_O
 - Sorry Leader, G.O. and Mir's fans, I was too concentrated on Thunder and Joon. I didn't really notice what their fans did...sorry

 + MBLAQ arrived LAX

+MBLAQ at concert: more pics here (52 pics)

+ Other artists at concert: Brown Eyed Girls and G.O.D more pics here

+ MBLAQ at closing stage: more pics here (18 pics)

Someone threw a Pikachu hat to Joon and he wore it right away. Mir got a lion king stuffed animals

+ MBLAQ departs to Korea: more pics here (52pics)

The white Banana Republic bag Thunder was holding was my gift to him ^_^ 

Please take out anything with FULL CREDIT to @Luv4DBrothers. NO EDIT PLEASE!!


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  2. My pleasure...glad that you enjoy my pics