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Sunday, March 25, 2012

[FAN ACCOUNT+ PHOTOS] FT Island/ CN Blue "Stand Up" Concert in LA March 9, 2012

It was as a dream in my life. I would never imagine that FT Island and CN Blue would ever hold a concert in the States. Somehow I felt like they would barely travel because of all the instruments they have to carry with...I guess I was wrong ^^
I started out as a Prim since You're Beautiful because Jeremy was so so cute :) "I hope" is my most favorite song and I always wanted to listen to it live. Finally, my dream came true when Mnet announced the concert
On Tuesday Mar 6, I found out that CN Blue arrived at the airport but I couldn't go to pick them up because I was busy with school. Also, I didn't expect that they would arrive that early
But on Wednesday Mar 7, I made plan to go see FT Island at the airport because I really want to see HongKi and MinHwan. Arrived at the airport at 2pm and the flight just landed. There were about 20 fans at the airport as well. Waited for 2 hours and no sight of FT Island yet...I thought I missed them. Finally, they walked out. HongKi walked out first with SeungHyun and the first thing he said to the staffs sound like he was complaining...Based on my poor Korean, it sounded like he complaint about the long wait for luggage. Next was MinHwan and JaeJin and finally JongHoon with the luggage cart. They walked to the outside to wait for the car to pick them up. MinHwan wore a hooded jacket so it really hard to see his face :( JaeJin was a sneaky kid...for 5 sec he stood among the fans but nobody noticed that he was there cause he wore hoodie and lowered his head :)) JongHoon appeared to be a really good leader to me as he took care of the luggage cart with all the instruments while other members didn't seem to care much....HongKi was busy talking with a lead staff...SeungHyun was looking around. Minhwan n JaeJin busy hiding their faces ^_^
The concert was AWESOME!!! I sat more on the right side of the stage so I was unable to have good pictures of JongShin, SeungHyun and JaeJin because they only stood on the left side. It was so hard to get good shots of HongKi too because he kept moving around non-stop. HongKi voice live was instrument gives me a brand new experience. I'm totally speechless ^_^
My favorite was Minhwan (drummer of FT Island) but it impossible to see drummers' faces in general because they sat way on the platform and they were almost completely covered by the drum set :"(
For the 1st half of the concert, I was right in front of JongHyun of CN Blue n yet now he became my talented bias =)) He smiled at me twice n then threw his guitar pick at my direction after he finished the song *blush* When he played, it like he and his guitar become's so emotional appealing watching him =))
YoungHwa and JungShin's English were pretty good...totally unexpected to me
For the 2nd half, JongHoon of FT Island was in my face too ^_^ He looks so good and handsome
HongKi was really nice and even had a small fan talk...He said that his English wasn't good so he would speak in Korean and ask who knew Korean...there was a fan raised their hand...he asked "You Korean?" Fan answered "I'm taiwanese" hehehe that's funny. Then, there was a Caucasian girl said that she knew a bit of Korean but when HongKi talked in Korean with her, it clearly that she couldn't understand anything..LMAO
So whoever is fan of these two owes me big time yeah?? cuz my pics are all about them
On Sat, they were touring Hollywood...I didn't plan to stalk them but I was also at Rodeo Drive mall for Jeremy Scott event (For those that don't know, Rodeo Drive is a famous street of brand-name shopping mall) By the time I got there, my friend and I ran into CN Blue when they were about to get onto the bus to leave for Santa Monica Beach. On Sat night, I waited at the hotel for them to come back...Saw CN Blue...JungShin was really nice, smiled and waved back to fans. JongHyun n MinHyuk were so quiet :((
From HongKi's twitter I knew that they would leave on Sun so I decided to send them off as well. On Sunday morning I arrived at the airport very early. The staffs then arrived and checked in all the luggage and instruments but no sight of the two groups yet. Then, CN Blue got to the airport first...JongHyun was wearing a mask :(( I couldn't see his face for the last sad!! I was right next to JongHyun and asked him for a sign...his hand was 3ft away in grabbing my pen but the manager then pushed me away @_@ damnnnn you manager
Finally, FT Island arrived. There was a fan bringing a dog to the airport (yes an alive dog) and showed it to FT Island while they were waiting to check in...JaeJin spotted it and made kissy face with the cute ^^ I ran and came right next to MinHwan and also asked for his autograph...he took his hand out of pocket n about to sign for me...@_@ one more time the staff/manager blocked me and hurried him through the security gate :"(
I was so pissed that I missed both of the opportunities with my two favorite members to get autographs :((
Anyway, I pretty much like all of them now since they are really cute outside and pretty nice with fans too
♥♥ JONGHYUN n MINHWAN ♥♥ RULE!!! kekeke

Picture time:
FT Island arrived LAX: here
CN Blue at "Stand Up" Concert: here
FT Island at "Stand Up" Concert: here
CN Blue and FT Island leaving LAX for Korea: here
JongHyun's pick:

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